About Us

Fashion has always been intertwined with my identity, yet for many years, I buried this aspect of myself beneath the weight of constant life challenges. As a single mother raising my children in a small Polish town during a time where not only did I have nothing but I also had no one, the dream of becoming a fashion designer felt like an illusion.

Summoning courage, I made the bold choice to relocate to the UK. In a matter of years, I established a semblance of stability, mostly living pay-check to pay-check. While my children were provided for, and our basic needs met, I found myself trapped in a cycle of monotony. Each day blurred into the next, devoid of fresh experiences or emotional growth. Despite my gratitude for the opportunities the UK provided, I sensed an internal disquiet—a realization dawned that the source of my unrest lay within. 

A trip to Tenerife proved to be a turning point. I immediately fell in love with the island. Shortly after coming back to the UK we packed our bags and moved there. The adrenaline of this change sparked something in me that motivated me to start a company, start my own fashion brand. 

The idea of breathing life into photographs, transforming them into wearable art, ignited a dormant passion within me, dispelling years of apprehension. Despite Tenerife's charm, it really wasn’t the ideal place when it came to the business side of things, working on samples, shipping etc was becoming very difficult. So I decided to move back to the UK but with a completely different mindset, this time around I wanted to give back, say a big thank you for always being there for me. 

In envisioning the essence of my brand, Edinburgh emerged as the perfect place for my company. With each visit, my affection for the city deepened, evoking feelings of belonging, understanding, and serenity. Amidst its rich cultural milieu and refined atmosphere, I felt confident that my designs would be embraced and celebrated. 

The idea of tagging my creations with 'Designed in Edinburgh by Stella Lotycz' filled me with pride and excitement. Despite the climate contrast between Edinburgh and sunny Tenerife, where heavy coats hid colorful spirits beneath dull exteriors, I knew my designs would shine. Embracing their wild, unique nature, they stood as a testament to breaking free from conformity—a journey from blending in to standing out, from uniformity to individuality. 

During this period, my beloved daughter Klara approached me with a heartfelt request to join the company, a moment that moved me to tears. It's not often that children express a desire to work alongside their parents, making her words of admiration for what I've built and her pride in me truly unforgettable for any mother. 

And so, here we stand in Edinburgh, as a mother-daughter team, proudly overseeing our own boutique. With boundless enthusiasm, we embark on a journey filled with plans for expansion, growth, and the realization of our company's fullest potential.