Stella Lotycz Foundation

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Stella Lotycz Foundation, dedicated to assisting refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced individuals with vital humanitarian aid. Our foundation aims to provide financial and material support to those in need.

Our mission is to advocate for the rights of individuals and families affected by displacement, equipping them with essential legal and social resources to establish a secure and nurturing environment in their host countries. We are committed to aiding them in securing their rights and
accessing necessary services.

The Stella Lotycz Foundation will collaborate with regional and international organisations, as well as local and regional governments, to ensure comprehensive assistance for the individuals and families we support, including emergency aid.

Recent events in Belarus have highlighted the urgent need for our foundation's work. Thousands of people are currently stranded in perilous conditions on the EU's eastern frontier, emphasising the vulnerability of those without resources or protection.

In response, we are focusing our efforts on providing immediate relief, including food, water, medicine, and shelter. Additionally, we are facilitating access to legal counsel and representation for those in need. 

At our foundation, we prioritise inclusivity and diversity. We are proud to foster a welcoming workplace that embraces and supports LGBTQ+ individuals and immigrants. Our goal is to create an environment of acceptance, respect, and support where every employee can thrive and
contribute their best efforts.